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Using a Public Sharing URL can be handy if you want your clients / customers or practically anyone to share sensitive information with you. Your branding settings (logo, colors, translations) will be applied to your public sharing url.

Note that files shared via your Public Sharing URL count toward your storage. Keep an eye on that. The upload limit is 500 MB per file and up to 10 files can be added to a secret that is shared with you.

Secrets that were created via the Public Sharing URL will be available in your Inbox at Those secrets are automatically voided 30 days after they were created. You, or any of your team members, can void these secrets at any time before this date passes. You can get notified via email and/or webhook when someone creates a secret via your Public Sharing URL. Make sure to not let them expire before you had a chance to open the secret.

We suggest to store the secret in a password manager of your choice once it was opened and then void the secret within the Inbox. But it's up to you how to handle these secrets. Just keep in mind that they will expire automatically, whether you opened them or not.

How to create a Public Sharing URL

To create a Public Sharing URL, simply head over to the "Domain" settings and scroll down to the "Public Sharing URL" section. You may re-generate a new public sharing url at any time. In doing so, the previous url won't work anymore and lead to a 404 (page not found) page.

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