Public Sharing URL

After you connected your custom domain with InPrivy, you can make use of a public sharing url. This can be handy if you want your clients / customers or practically anyone to share sensitive information with you. Your branding settings will be applied to your public sharing url.

Secrets that were created via the public sharing url will be listed in your Dashboard as "Guest Secret" when opened. They are not assigned with any of your folders. "Guest Secrets" will be voided automatically after 7 days, if not opened before.

How to create a public sharing url

To create your custom sharing url, head over to your Branding settings. After you set up your custom domain, you will be able to create a public sharing url. You may also regenerate the url, in case you want to "void" it, or delete it altogether.

What about account balance

Generated "Guest Secrets" do not count against your account balance. So if you are not subscribed but top-up your account, your balance won't be affected by secrets created with your public sharing url.

Learn more about Public Sharing Url in our blog post.
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