Why do you keep a history and what data remains stored?

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Within your dashboard, as well as in your folder overview, we show you a history of recently opened and / or voided secrets. This is simply to give you a quick overview of your shared secrets.

So you can easily see which of your secrets where opened and which were voided due to exceeding the expiration date.

A secret is considered opened, when the set open limit is reached. So if your secret has a limit of 2 and it was only opened once, it is not considered opened. You can see the active opens count within the dashboard when viewing a folder.

We do not keep your actual secret (the secret information) stored after it was voided. The secret information that you shared will be removed. The only thing we keep in our records is the internal title as well as some basic information on when this secret was opened and whether it was voided or has expired. But all sensitive information will be erased from our database.

In steps, here is what happens:

  1. Create a draft secret and store it. Your actual secret will be encrypted already.
  2. Generate a shareable link based on your draft. Your actual secret remains encrypted.
  3. Share the link via email, messenger or elsewhere.
  4. a) the recipient opens your secret
    b) the secret is not opened but you definied an expiration date
  5. Both a) and b) apply from point 4: your encrypted secret information will be replaced with "-" in our databases.
  6. We show you a short overview of your opened and voided secrets within your dashboard.

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