How and when is my secret encrypted?

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First and foremost, neither we nor anybody else has access to your created drafts and secrets. We use AES-256 Encryption for secrets and our website is fully encrypted with a valid SSL certificate.

The below graphic shows when your secret is encrypted and decrypted.

Please keep in mind that your secret is never decrypted in our database. It remains safely encrypted at all times until it is voided or deleted.

Here is what happens, step by step:

Step 1
You create a new secret, which will be stored as a draft (thus can be edited). When storing your draft, it is encrypted with AES-256.

Step 1.1 (optional)
You edit your secret (edit mode). Your secret will by decrypted just for you. Remember, it always remains safely encrypted in the database.

Step 1.2 (optional)
You update your secret. If anything changed in your secret information, your updated secret will be encrypted again and overwrite the previous encryption.

Step 2
You create a sharable link and your draft is now a secret. Nothing changes for the encryption, everything remains safely encrypted. You now have a secret link you can share with someone.

Step 3
The receiver of your secret opens it. The secret information is decrypted just for this person. The database record remains fully encrypted.

Step 4
Your secret is voided. We only keep minimal information in our records to show you in your dashboard. At this point, the actual secret does not exist anymore. It is fully deleted without any chance of restoring it.

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